Monday, May 16, 2011

NALEA alliance formed

This exciting announcement represents an important new development related to your practice as Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Recently a new association was formed to maintain and improve training standards in the field of lymphedema therapy. This new association is called NALEA (North American Lymphedema Education Association) and is currently comprised of the 4 major training schools responsible for certifying the vast majority of CLT's in the United States and Canada. The founding members are;

~ Academy of Lymphatic Studies
~ Dr. Vodder School International
~ Klose Training & Consulting
~ Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy

NALEA supports the Complete/Combined Decongestive Therapy approach to lymphedema management with the goal of preparing well-educated and highly skilled therapists from all eligible medical professions. The formation of NALEA represents an evolution in lymphedema education by providing essential quality controls and safeguards towards maintaining standards and elevating the specialization as Certified Lymphedema Therapist. NALEA stands to guarantee that eligibility requirements are met for further credentialing by LANA and that general treatment skills are maintained throughout the future of each therapist's lymphedema practice.

We welcome you're visit to our newly created website which provides valuable details regarding NALEA.

For details related to NALEA's position on current congressional legislation please visit the NALEA website and

Best regards,
NALEA Board Members

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