Thursday, May 12, 2011

Advanced Garment Fitting for patients with lymphedema

If you are interested in fitting patients for compression garments or already do and would like to gain some expert tips, we encourage you to take this course in July. The Dr. Vodder School – International is offering a two day advanced course in conjunction with Juzo and taught by Angela Vollmer, a world-renowned expert in designing and fitting garments for challenging edema patients. Angela brings 35 years of experience to her stimulating courses. She worked for over 20 years at the Foldi and Asdonk clinics in Germany and helped design many of the garments currently in use.

The course is designed to take you beyond the basics of compression garment fitting to gain more satisfying results for your patients. Previous course participants have spoken very highly of their learning experience with Angela. Measuring practice is performed on real patients with arm and leg lymphedema to gain all the tips and tricks that Angela has developed.
Upon completion, garment fitters gain a free listing on the Dr. Vodder School website under the "Find a Garment Fitter" section.

Register now for the only course of its kind offered this year, July 19 & 20 in North America with Angela Vollmer.

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