Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lymphedema Magazine is launched

PATHWAYS - Canada's Lymphedema Magazine, empowering patients and professionals, is a new publication launched this Spring by the Canadian Lymphedema Framework and its provincial affiliates. This full colour, professionally produced magazine will provide education and information to a niche market of Canadians living with lymphedema and the various professionals that support their care. Subscription, advertising and editorial content enquiries can be directed to canadalymph@live.ca

1 comment:

  1. I have received the first two issues of "Pathways". It provides a very professional presentation of lymphedema issues from a Canadian perspective. Patients' personal experiences are always very inspiring, as they give a face to individuals living with this condition, and provide therapists with encouragement to be consistent in high quality care.
    It is my feeling that this magazine will help to bring together the Canada-wide community of people living and working with lyphedema; this in turn will provide strength and purpose to our ongoing effort for acknowledgement and support.