Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MLD 4 week Certification Courses in Victoria, BC

Our Spring courses are just around the corner. We will be offering Basic, Therapy I and Therapy II & III classes. These courses are available to PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs, RNs, and RMTs. The latter require a minimum of 500 hours in a recognized massage therapy program or US National certification. If you have completed 500 hours at a massage school this is sufficient training prerequisite.

The courses will be in Victoria, the beautiful oceanfront capital of British Columbia, Canada.

Basic is the first level of the 4-week training program, involving extensive hands-on work. The basic strokes and their application to each body part are taught. The theory covers anatomy and physiology of the lymph vessel system, connective tissue, effects of MLD and contradictions. Lymphedemas are described with an emphasis on how MLD can affect them.

Therapy I is the second level of the 4-week training program and will teach you the orthopedic applications of MLD as well as learning specialized techniques for the head, abdomen and intercostals. Apart from the new skills and theory you will learn in this class, there will be a thorough review of Basic theory and practical.

Therapy II & III is the final two weeks of the training and will teach you how to apply the skills you have learned in the Basic and Therapy I courses to various pathologies. You will learn many new skills including Combined Decongestive Therapy, which utilizes bandaging, edema strokes, exercises and skin care. While more than half of the course is dedicated to the treatment of lymphedema, many other pathologies are also covered. Dr. Anna Towers, lymhedema specialist from Montreal University Health Centre and associate professor in the faculty of Medicine at McGill University will give the theory lectures.

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